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Cats and dogs are susceptible to a number of parasitic infections, several of which are zoonotic (possess the ability to infect people as well as animals). Parasite prevention is not only important for the health of your pet but also for the health of your family.

Delivering the Protection

Your Pet Needs Protect your pet and your family from flea and tick infestations and serious – or even fatal – infectious diseases that can be transmitted by them. Fleas and ticks are easy to prevent, and our team at Big Bend Animal Hospital can help. All of our products are medically approved, safe, and guaranteed to help protect your family. We serve clients and their pets throughout Ruskin, Sun City, Appollo Beach, and the surrounding areas.

Where & When Can Pets Get Fleas & Ticks?

Dogs and cats can get fleas and ticks in a variety of places whether they go outside or not. Other animals (or even humans) can bring fleas and ticks into your home. Plus, anytime your pet is outside, they are at risk. Wildlife such as squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons all carry fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks can live outside year-round but the worst months are spring and fall.

How & When Should I Prevent Fleas & Ticks?

Because fleas and ticks can be found outside all year long, it is important that your pet is always protected. If you see signs of fleas or ticks on your pet, start treatment immediately. We offer a series of medically approved, easy-to-use products that are guaranteed to protect your pet.

For your convenience, you can purchase the following flea, tick and heartworm preventatives in our hospital:

  • Advantage™ / Advantix™
  • Revolution and Revolution Plus
  • Frontline
  • Heartgard
  • Simparica Trio
  • NexGard
  • Bravecto

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about preventing fleas and ticks on your pet in the Riverview community.

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